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How To Attract New Local Customers For Your Business

We are Google-trained and can, boost your Website Results today.

Sounds too good to be true I know... but getting on the front page of Google is not all that difficult

We are Google-trained,  and have a very tight focus on targeting the best potential new customers for your business.

Call me today for more information on how I can help you generate more new business from your existing website... 

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Internet Marketing Solution for Sydney, Australia

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Internet Marketing Solution

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Worrigee NSW

Because the field of 'search' is so new, it is VERY difficult to decide who to place your confidence, and hard-earned dollars with. Every day I hear my new clients expressing similar concerns re selecting an Internet marketing/search engine optimisation company:

  • Can I trust them?
  • Are they going to do the work thoroughly?
  • Are they going to use '*black-hat' tricks & get me banned completely?
    ('black-hat' = BAD TECHNIQUES!)
  • Are they going to keep working until my website is on top of Google?
  • What guarantees (if any) will they give me?

However, when it comes to getting your website ranked in the Top 10, proven results are one of the most important criteria. You found my website because I rank in the Top 10 on Google for many 'Internet Marketing Solution' related keywords. The field of 'Internet Marketing' is one of the most competitive niches on the planet. The mere fact that you found us, among 110 million competing pages, clearly demonstrates our expertise in Search Engine Marketing.

Achieving Top 10 results for my clients on Google is a 'walk-in-the-park' compared to gaining a No.3 ranking for a keyword phrase like, 'internet marketing solution' with over 139 million competing pages.

Choose an experienced search engine consultant

As said in the beginning, Internet marketing & search engine optimisation have been my specialty since the mid-90s. Over the past few years I have gained Top 10 rankings for thousands of my clients' most important, targeted keywords.

Some Examples (testimonials demonstrating proven search engine optimisation expertise)

The following examples are screenshots of current searches on Google for some of my clients primary keyword phrases. You can easily replicate the following Google searches independently by copy/pasting the keywords from the following testimonials into the search box at

NB: Google automatically routes you to its most appropriately located network in each country, so if you are trying the following searches from a country other than Australia, you may get varying results
(if you do, please let me know... all part of adding to my ongoing research ;-)

The Shed Ski Hire in Jindabyne, Snowy Mountains NSW


Keywords: ski hire snowy mountains

Result: No 1 out 73,900 competing pages

SEO Google No1 result for The Shed Ski Hire

Gary Vaughn says:

'John Crago has been looking after all our website requirements and search engine optimisation tasks for almost 10 years. Due to John's efforts, a large part of business enquiries are generated from our website as a result of our Top 10 rankings on Google'.

Naturally the The Shed Ski Hire owner, Gary, is pleased with that result, but more interesting is the fact that the Top 5 results for that search are all existing clients of my company.

I Can Do It For Your Website Too!

Obviously if I can gain the above Top 10 ranking for my website in the most hotly contested search engine niche on the planet, I can easily guarantee a similar result for your website.

Just think about my website results for a minute... the Internet marketing companies of the world are staffed by web designers, search engine gurus, programmers, and Internet marketing experts. Thus making this arguably the most difficult search engine niche to achieve high rankings.

One of the best ways to check out any Inernet marketing company you are thinking of using is to see if their website is actually in the Google Top 10 for a few 'internet marketing' search phrases. Many of them aren't even in the Top 100!

What Should You Do Next?

Pick up the phone and call me on 0437 578 897 today for a no-obligation discussion with a view to getting you an explosion of new business once you gain a Top 10 ranking in Google.

The Problem with Search Engine Optimisation & Internet Marketing

The problem with search engine optimisation today is there are sooooo many companies out there, it is hard to find somebody who can actually get your website to the top of the rankings, and consistently keep you there. For example...

  • Everybody and their dog thinks that just because they managed to get one website to the top of Google for one highly-targeted keyword phrase, they are a search engine expert!
  • The major search engines continuously change their algorithms so nobody knows exactly how they work.
  • It is very difficult to get ranked on the front page of Google' this is not an easy task!
  • If you find somebody who can get you on top of Google, can they guarantee to do so without resorting to illegal 'black-hat' tricks that can get your website banned from the search engines.

The reason you must avoid 'black-hat' techniques to get high search engine rankings is because they can only ever work in the short term. Eventually the search engines close the 'loopholes' and most websites suffer badly if they have been using these dubious techinques to try and fool the search engines.

True Story about a 'Black Hat' disaster

A couple of years ago I had a motel operator come to me because his website appeared to have been blacklisted by the Google. Upon investigation, I found the problem, his website had been duplicated by his previous web designer in the hope of boosting his rankings, and published to multiple locations across the Internet.

This is called 'mirroring' and is a definite 'NO-NO' if you want to stay in Google's good books.

It took many weeks of hard work, and every trick in my book to get the site back on the Top 10 for this client's major keywords. Therefore' it is extremely important that you avoid any companies using 'black-hat', spammy SEO 'tricks' like the proverbial plague!

I have been in the industry since before the birth of Google. Back in the early days, Alta Vista was the 800lb gorilla when I started optimising web pages for the search engines.

Google has been through many changes over the years, but in spite of that, I have stayed on top of Google's demanding SEO requirements as a result of the amount of ongoing research, and continuous testing' I perform all the experiments and research on my own sites to ensure my customers benefit from my experience, and... I never experiment with my customers' websites!

I believe in getting your website to the top of Google by consistent hard work in the application of my knowledge and experience, and always using 'white-hat', worlds-best-practice as approved by the major search engines.

We can do it for you too!

I don't know how important it is to your business to get into the Top 10 search engine rankings, but what we've done for ourselves, we can definitely do for your business, so why not give me, John Crago, a call today on:

Call 0437 578 897, to propel your business to greater Internet success.

The Ultimate Internet Marketing Solution

No web design knowledge required!

Call 0437 578 897 today to talk to one of our consultants!


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